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WorldLine Training

WorldLine Training

Doing Something About Cultural Dysfunction Today

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The name WorldLine is derived from the lifespan of a quantum particle in physics, translating to that of each individual in the workplace. The symbol for Tau and the lower-case version of Omega combine in the logo.

Engagement to Excellence:  Sustainable Productivity

Achieve new heights of operational excellence with WorldLine by engaging your teams in unique provisions and proven solutions, where tailored training and innovative strategies converge to unlock full potential.

Culture change leads to workplace transformation with our record-breaking programmes - from productivity to leadership and beyond where your industrial company finds sustainable, visible engagement.

Tailored Services for Sustainable Impact.



Our cost-effective Assessment service - an invaluable on-site analysis with very little down-time involved, delivered with no obligation. People widely appreciate the chance to voice thoughts, opinions, and perspectives without fear of reprisal; anonymity is guaranteed throughout this enjoyable, non-invasive process. Gain profound insights into what's really happening at the heart of your organisation {impossible to achieve in-house} and a robust foundation for informed progress.


Cultural Assessment

Positive Productivity is our cornerstone course for setting record-breaking foundations. This interactive on-site programme brings 12 weekly sessions to cross-cultural groups with visible, sustainable results. There's also the option of guaranteed ROI. Tangible improvements in cohesion, mindset, communication, and alignment with mission-driven values built in. Cultivate engagement while boosting productivity and retention, all within the solid framework of social governance.


Positive Productivity;
WorldLine's Unique
Foundation Programme

Lining up for ESG or want to develop empathic leadership techniques? WorldLine's unique Leadership, Environmental and Sustainability programmes are designed to fortify your front-line team's capability and ESG strategy implementation. Cultivate awareness, strengthen teams and broaden ethical practices with focus on social alignment and ecological health. WorldLine can help you advance Leadership skills and the core of your ESG template with lifelong commitment and a deep understanding of sustainable, self-motivated excellence. 


Keyturn Leadership, Environmental & Sustainability Programmes



Our Strategic Support service offers specialised options following your initial programme delivery. Choose from courses, reality checks, strategy implementation, working-party formation, and ongoing development initiatives - a bespoke, cost-conscious facility tailored to progress the gains you have made. Our services include support meetings, project management, coaching, and relevant programmes addressing priorities in your unique environment.


Strategic Support

For those who have taken part in the Foundation programme Positive Productivity, there's a Discovery Arena where you can explore more resources and submit assignments if you want to study for a Crystalline Award. Here's the portal to sign up; 


Our Story


Kathy Ratcliffe

Welcome to WorldLine Training, specialists in generating sustainable engagement, communication and optimised productivity in even the most challenging industrial environments. Our founder, inspired by the success of smashing performance records for the UK's largest steel company, established WorldLine with the vision of bringing that unprecedented success to the future, ahead of the exponential curve.

At WorldLine, we're more than confident; we're committed to delivering visible results within just 3 months, and stand beside that promise with an optional guarantee*. Through our unique series of on-site provisions, we can develop your company's loyalty, enthusiasm and E.Q. to position your culture above and beyond the demoralised state that often typifies an industrial environment. 

Our passionate leader comprehends the operational challenges your company faces. With irrepressible enthusiasm for engineering excellence, Kathy is committed to helping individuals break free from negative perpetuation, bringing you unparalleled learning experiences in tackling inertia and poor performance through an innovative selection of in-person, cost-effective facilitations. 

WorldLine Training is your reliable partner in transforming company culture and unlocking its true potential. Join us on an enjoyable journey to enhanced productivity, engaged teams, and sustainable success.


Let us not just meet but exceed your expectations in the dynamic landscape of industrial excellence. 

*Guarantee subject to data provision and updates on fiscal measurements

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engineering laboratory technicians
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What Makes 

WorldLine Unique


Embark on a transformative journey with WorldLine Training, where our commitment to excellence is coupled with flexibility to your changing needs. Our unique ROI guarantee, based on verified data, is an option for you to consider; it underscores our confidence in delivering visible results.


We understand that each organisation is singularly different, and our tailored programmes are designed to meet specific requirements. WorldLine Training delivers a customized and adaptable approach to empowering your workforce and ensures success on your terms.

Your journey, your choice, our commitment to your excellence.

WorldLine Training:

Tailored, Proven, Innovative


WorldLine Training crafts personalized programs to meet your organization's unique needs, ensuring targeted knowledge and skills for enhanced performance.




With a proven track record, WorldLine Training promises visible improvements within a short timeframe, demonstrating our commitment to driving positive outcomes.




WorldLine Training employs dynamic, interactive sessions to inspire talent, foster enthusiasm, and harness innovation for sustainable results.




What our clients are saying

Breakdowns and delays came down, quality of product improved, output increased - all against a background of escalating safety performance. The benefits remained real and visible. A low-cost investment brought very substantial economic and human resource returns

David Brodie

Corus Steel

You're probably


  • Is this just for the management team?
    The Foundation programme involves everyone on a progressive journey, with groups comprising a cross-section of employees from shop floor to directorship. Prior to this, Analysis partakes all employees of the survey without advance knowledge of their position in the company (in order to avoid bias or pre-conception during initial interview). Inclusion is key to healthy engagement.
  • What is the likely outcome of Analysis and Programme provision?
    The snapshot of a company produced by the Analysis is positioned to expose cultural problems, which can then be addressed during the Foundation programme. With confidential research perceived as indicative of goodwill, course provision then enables employees to experience and explore positive mind sets, best-practice actions being the result. Increased productivity lifts the energy level and an upturn of morale becomes evident as traction is gained through innovative involvement.
  • What about a Guarantee?
    A full money-back guarantee on ROI is available, under T’s&C’s including sharing of company data. Details of this provision are furnished on request.
  • What kind of company qualifies for WorldLine provisions?
    WorldLine centres on engineering and manufacturing industries, from raw-material furnaces to cutting-edge robotic systems. The criteria for success conditionally includes a shop floor, office and management structure producing physical objects. We don’t work with service industries. You’ll be located in the mid-Shires of the UK.
  • Where do I start with an Engagement / ESG strategy?
    With the people involved in creating the culture you want. Most companies working with WorldLine ask this question, for it is hard to gain clarity at times, particularly in dealing with sensitive employee relationships and habitual behaviours. WorldLine brings the necessary experience in garnering enthusiasm for change processes, so that your objectives are met and the foundation for your strategy is both solid and sustainable.
  • What happens first?
    We have a face-to-face meeting on-site, discuss the issues you’ve identified and see if we think the same way about resolutions. We might part ways after a brief chat; where there is synergy, we will know quickly enough. A tour of the works then provides more insight of the operation, and we schedule a second meeting with your team to decide whether we work together. Further provisions become chargeable as quoted.
  • Will we be supported through the change process?
    Yes, fully. You may need to set up working parties, establish community links, create sub-strategies, implement motivational opportunities - the list goes on. WorldLine’s support services optimise your budget while ensuring your company maintains the necessary traction to reach sustainable excellence.

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