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WorldLine Training

WorldLine Training

Case Study

A manufacturer of industrial rollers in Corby brought WorldLine in to help with their ESG obligations In February 2023. Problems included responsibility resistance, poor communication, low morale and the famous 'them and us' syndrome. The company needed to know where to start in aligning personnel with the mission of social welfare alongside the need to increase operational efficiency. Subsequently the Foundation programme hosted the first of 7 groups to experience Positive Productivity.

Participants at first were questioning the implementation but as they began to explore behaviours and attitudes more deeply, found Kathy's non-invasive introduction to best-practice-through-choice to be useful in the working environment and for some, at home also. Results became evident in many aspects including leadership styles and innovative progression. Managers introduced new measures in catering for motivational needs and providing opportunities for personal development. An Innovation Group was formed of shop floor and admin staff to continuously improve operational aspects of inclusion and autonomy, strategise upgrades and provide a working bridge between management and grass roots personnel. 

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