Your Future in
Continuous Improvement 

Some examples of testimonials. Ask if you'd like to see more, or to view the original papers.

"Skeptical production operatives were achieving new pride in each self-imposed challenge successfully met.  
Breakdowns and delays came down, quality of product improved, output increased – all against a background of escalating safety performance. The benefits remained real and visible.
A low-cost investment brought very substantial economic and human resource returns.” 

David Brodie MBE

 " were the catalyst for change that enabled us to become the cohesive team that we are today."

Karl Stewart

Consider a fresh approach with someone who can deliver cultural development effectively in just 12 weeks. Why me? Because my programme broke records in the steel industry? Because you just love my style of delivery? Or could it be that my participants discover themselves, overcome trauma, rebuild relationships - all while co-creating that positivity you want to see thriving in your workplace, and

increasing productivity by 25% (for starters)!?


Aerospace introduced Human Factors to its remit via the 2021 CAA Action Plan;

IMechE held a conference in 2017 to address Human Factors in Transport and Automation.

In Engineering, the subject was covered by HCI International who declare that,

"the importance of good human factors is now understood by everyone."

Would you like to engage with this quickly, easily and sustainably?

In the engineering and manufacturing sectors, you could achieve
so much more when it comes to productivity.

Has team-building worked, long-term? Did those famous process-led initiatives lead to variable results?

Do you want to empower people without losing them?

Would you like to embark on a profitable, sustainable C.I. journey that

takes you boldly where you really want to go?

Costly Cultural Issues -
sound familiar?

Low Productivity

Poor Performance

Communication blocks

Blame culture

Silo mentality

Role prejudice

Excessive lost time

Unhappy staff

With me, you'll achieve (swiftly and sustainably):

Merited KPI Results

Engagement in Productivity

Proactive, Profitable Performance

E&D Commitment & Diversification

Healthy Communication Flow

A Cohesive Best-Practice Mindset

A warm, Welcoming Environment

Staff who enjoy their time at work

Working Together
Making Meetings Meaningful:
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Course Feedback

Some of the comments following course delivery. Hundreds more are available to view on file.

Most feedback returns score 10 out of 10.

"I think the course changes our lives without us really being aware of it."
"I have really enjoyed this course and would recommend it highly."
"People have commented on a positive change in me. Thank you!"
"A fantastic course which quite literally changed my life for the better"
"Very enjoyable and enlightening, lots to think about!"
"Lots of useful ideas to move forward. Made things seem a lot clearer."

"Very rewarding and positive."

"Enjoyed the sessions very much... more ideas and how to deal with difficult situations."
"Found the course interesting and sad that it is ending."

Chatting Over Coffee
CSR - what is it? Find out here!

West Leicestershire MIND
(on Anger and Stress Management provisions)

"Course content and delivery has proved to be excellent. 
We appreciate the difference you have made to many people's lives."

Is discussion a good idea? Always. 

If you really want to make a difference to productivity long-term and create a sustainably positive culture that embraces change and engages with your mission for continuous improvement, now's your chance.