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When WorldLine sets a course
ahead of Exponential Curves...

Sample testimonials from various deliveries. You're welcome to see more, or view the original papers.

"Skeptical production operatives were achieving new pride

in each self-imposed challenge successfully met.  
Breakdowns and delays came down, quality of product improved, output increased – all against a background of escalating safety performance. The benefits remained real and visible.
A low-cost investment brought very substantial

economic and human resource returns.” 

David Brodie MBE
Corus Steel

 " were the catalyst for change that enabled us to become the cohesive team that we are today."

Karl Stewart

Heading 4

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Quotes above from David and Karl relate to programme delivery within very different but equally challenging cultural environments. Their words as head decision-makers came after long-term evidence of sustainable, visible results. But what about the people who took part?

Here are some feedback comments following course completion.

Hundreds more are available to view on file.

All entries are hand-written by participants and submitted anonymously.

"I think the course changes our lives without us really being aware of it."
"I have really enjoyed this course and would recommend it highly."
"People have commented on a positive change in me. Thank you!"
"A fantastic course which quite literally changed my life for the better"
"Very enjoyable and enlightening, lots to think about!"
"Lots of useful ideas to move forward. Made things seem a lot clearer."

"Very rewarding and positive."

"Enjoyed the sessions very much... more ideas and how to deal with difficult situations."
"Found the course interesting and sad that it is ending."

This is the first part of the process,

where we gain a detailed impression of personnel thoughts, ideals, feelings, and needs. Each employee is interviewed anonymously in total confidence, providing a clear window that's impossible to open from in-house. 

‘Thank you Kathy for the work you have done with us so far.

The engagement and understanding of our business goals has increased immeasurably due in no small part to the wider team appreciating the opportunity to participate in our vision for the future.’

Phil Cross
UE Group
Participant Feedback on Analysis questionnaires

Really good - makes you think about stuff

Didn’t feel demanded of

Don’t feel pressurised; put at ease, nice experience 

Time stress levels were looked at

Nice to share opinions and get things out, to be listened to
Eye-opening, makes you think about things and appreciate company

Explained really well, interesting to have it brought to mind, how we feel 

Testing questions, made me think
Interesting, unexpected
I don’t enjoy these things, but you were very good
Lovely lady, interprets everything the way it’s meant to come out

Made me think about things, interesting and challenging
Been really good to say what I feel
Explained each question as it came along, very helpful

Chance to chat in groups would be nice

Good thing for engagement
Nice to contemplate, fun to do

Sustainably increase productivity while creating a positive culture

that embraces change and engages with your mission for continuous improvement.

Take the first step to securing a win-win situation!

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