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Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR - why it Matters and what it is

When you consider how much you and your workforce give to your company's fortune, you'd be tempted to wonder if work/life balance is as healthy as it should be.

Given the demanding expectation of your client base and the pressures already on you,

Corporate Social Responsibility is a major Human Factor resource

that you could benefit from without having to handle it all yourself.

Customers expect more from providers than ever before, with wider choice and trends towards flexible supply. Some even specify a CSR policy being in place before they'll consider offering a contract. The Civil Aviation Authority prioritised Human Factors in their 2021 policy document, so demonstrably caring about employees, the environment, and the local community definitely stands a company in good stead when it comes to reputation, security and trust.

         CSR encompasses:

  • Company/employee agreements

  • Best-practice definitions

  • Environmental welfare

  • Social and community benefits

  • Mission alignment

  • Charity involvement

  • Ongoing C.I. contributions

Creating a CSR strategy, then, can seem like a daunting task.

After all, who's going to notice?

Your staff

Your staff's family and social circle

Your customers and their compatriots

Your outlying community

Your local charity network


That's a lot of people ticking boxes in your favour - with perceived and practical gains to be made from your new policy, contributing to

your corporate welfare in unexpected ways.

Where do you start, in building a CSR platform that works for everyone and gives more than enough in overall benefits to make it worth your while?

WorldLine can help you with this, from conception to promotion and beyond.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do staff have regular social opportunities to look forward to?

Do they contribute to the operation beyond the job description?

Do they commit to the company mission, in mindset and the things they do?

Does respect for the environment feature in daily practice?

Are your customers viewing your company in the best possible light?

Is the wider community aware of your positive contributions?

Is there a local charity that benefits?

You could be answering YES to them all, in a short space of time,

with everyone behind you right from the start.

A working CSR policy ensures your staff are engaged and proactive, engenders loyalty and commitment to the 'extra mile', incentivises a well-managed environmental status, optimises your customer's perspective, broadens awareness of your company's best-practice to the local community and peer groups, while bringing a golden opportunity to visibly support charitable efforts and adding to the cohesion of your ongoing C.I. strategy.


Want to install a successful, well-positioned CSR policy? is here to help you with that.

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