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Environmental Sustainability

With unrivalled, objective coverage of factors at work in our local and global ecosystems, this is a great place to start in creating your environmental template.

Build your next initiative on a solid platform of understanding gained from scientific references, easy-reading study documents, exercises and worksheets dedicated to:

  • Evolution and Ecology

  • Environmental Health and Welfare

  • Human Impacts (Cause and Effect)

  • Symbiosis and Responsible Action

Over the course of 8 weeks, participants will learn about environmental development, placement within ecosystems, how evolution affects habitat and which aspects of bio-health we have the greatest effect upon. We look at case studies of relevance to increase awareness and take part in exercises which strengthen commitment to positive action. 

The programme is fun, lively and memorable, shining a positive light on governance in environmental terms and providing incentives for sustainable change.


Looking to implement an ESG programme (or have you started one that needs fuelling)? This programme is designed for you, with visible results culminating in a company-wide Award*. Scroll down for a special invitation...

The Environmental Sustainability programme is exclusively for SMEs employing fewer than 80 people. Your company must be able to demonstrate commitment to applicable objectives.

*All employees are required to take part in qualifying for the crystal engraved Award.

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This is a new addition to WorldLine's portfolio - be one of the first 10 applicants to commission the programme and get 25% off all orders confirmed (with New Year delivery options) in 2023!
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