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Free Assessment - Autumn 2023

For two months only in the run-up to 2024, you can take advantage of WorldLine's stupendous end-of-year offer - a free assessment of your company's present health, trajectory and potential, based on a shortform questionnaire, a meeting with representatives from key divisions and a site visit.

Last year the results of a free research-and-deploy programme gave many companies the chance to analyse in context with their sector, taking part in an exciting exercise to illuminate behavioural issues at the heart of operational reality.


In 2023, with challenges looming in the shape of ESG, engagement and mental welfare, your company has the chance to optimise its strategy with a clear picture of what lies beneath the surface of the shop floor, where communication is forming cracks, and how people are presently dealing with the day-to-day strains your company is under. You'll also find out where opportunities are waiting to maximise potential and which aspects are worth prioritising.


Unearthing these truths requires an experienced eye to dig carefully without undue disturbance and identify findings objectively. You can't make this kind of assessment in-house due to the natural confirmation bias in place for all concerned.

Call now on 01788 860879 to book your on-site appraisal visit.

Email to receive your assessment questionnaire. 

Get in touch today - free offers go fast!

Available free of charge* to SMEs in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

Visits to companies in outlying counties available subject to travel costs.  

*Free assessment is offered on the basis of pre-booking further facilitation in 2024 subject to confirmation.
Cancel any time - there's no obligation, and no cost to you.
Assessment = on-site for 1 day to include cross-culture visits and divisional meeting followed by report.
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