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Positive Productivity

Where the magic happens - 12 weeks of visible results.

The foundation of communication systems, best-practice, cultural attitude and more.

Participants take an enjoyable guided tour of themselves, their position and responsibility in the workplace, their capacity for change and potential for exceptional performance.

Experientially studying effects of situations caused, they learn to incentivise the culture towards its own best-practice directives.

Back-engineering common problems and assumptions so that they are fully understood,

we can now create a working template from awareness and alignment with mission*.

Unravelling negative entrapments and replacing them with core values through choice,

Positive Productivity instils strong desire for sustainable improvements across the matrix.

Nobody wants to go back to the way things were, everyone wants to keep contributing

(having experienced first-hand the benefits of doing so), and before your very eyes,

the culture you wanted begins to unveil itself...

moving forward, prepare to be continually amazed.

Workshops take place on-site for effective, collaborative training.

This is your route to synchronising the wellbeing of staff with the health of the company -

a highly desirable synergy your customers are increasingly demanding.

Monthly reports and meetings included to chart achievements and progress.

*Incorporating ESG and CSR policies as applicable.

Once the foundations are in place, priorities will have made themselves apparent in the process so moving ahead to everyone's benefit becomes a bespoke endeavour. Ask about Leadership, ESG and Advanced Communication courses - or discuss a programme based on your own unique criteria.

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