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Catch Negativity and Gain Higher Ground

Updated: Sep 12

Suffering the costly effects of negativity in your company and want to lay some positive foundations on which to rebuild your culture? You can quickly and easily begin to reverse the process and gain visible traction within weeks. 6 points of progress can help you reach significantly higher ground today;

1) Remove blame from your neural network... it's a root cause of cyclic negativity. No single person or group is responsible for transmitting negative energy, it permeates wherever permitted - often unwittingly invited! When you find yourself blaming someone, switch your thoughts to practical evaluation.

2) Sit quietly with the idea that all humans in your company are intelligent beings, with different ways of expressing it; some haven't had the kind of life that's allowed them to make the most of who they are. We micro-analyse individual characteristics, but like all species we exist on a generic template.

3) Check your own Thesaurus. How do you refer to people? Do you separate sectors in the language you apply to them, inadvertently leading others towards bias and exclusion? Take time to consider other people's self-worth, being mindful that what you say goes much further than your own conversations!

4) Be open-minded about solutions. There are no off-the-shelf answers, only versions of generic issues - mostly 'under the rug'. Knowing what's happening in the shadows is as important as those reports flooding your Inbox. Make enquiries that relate to potential uplift and be prepared for surprises!

5) Feel your way to positive engagement. Every leader has inbuilt empathy, but may not be confident in its contribution to governance. Some believe empathic approaches are weak, and don't belong in the workplace. Times have changed - E.Q. is strength, not weakness, and yes, they sure do now.

6) Enquire of people's welfare and recognise good work more often than you criticise. Falling into a habit of looking for trouble and pointing it out invites a focus on negativity that needs to be dissolved. Staff can then consider each other and foster positivity by bringing best-practice to the fore.

Small steps bring great results in the long term. There is no ready-meal solution to cultural malaise, but everyone in your company wants to be leading their best life; lead them to create the environment that matches their dream - and yours!

Read more on engagement and strength here:

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