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Quantum Reality Matters

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

In the Stargate episode "The Torment of Tantalus", four ancient races bring the elements we know as the Periodic Table into a universal language for mutual benefit. Their Alliance is a peaceful, powerful force upholding the cosmic cause for positive value proposition without violence. Paradoxically, while studying the array of structures and symbols appearing above him, Daniel points his gun in a random act of unthinking demonstration.

We live in a world that we largely take for granted, without much consideration for our universal fate. We know there is evidence for the existence of other species but many find it hard to accept, driven to believe that we are the primary (or even the solitary) sentience in a Universe we barely understand. Regardless of files, encounters, film footage or government facilities, there are still many people who firmly believe that we are the only form of life on an intergalactic scale.

Meanwhile, we have readily accepted the introduction of a Metaverse, an illusionary superpower that has our social interests all wrapped up in the form of scrolling media, a relatively new invention that has reduced our attention span to just 3.5 seconds (typically less than that of a goldfish).

If we were equally ready to accept the existence of a Multiverse, an array of interlocking dimensions allowing all possibilities to simultaneously occur, we would unlock our own potential and break into the realms of quantum mechanics where advanced intellect belongs. For 100 years we've dragged our feet, wiping them nervously on the mats of academia whose stalwarts refuse to welcome new ideas until they can first be proven correct, a chicken-egg paradox that's left us in the scientific Dark Ages since Einstein first doubted 'spooky action at a distance'.

As above, so below is a common saying in certain circles. We are so infinitesimally small that we become invisible from a few hundred feet in the air, yet so enormous that we count ourselves out of the quantum mechanical equation altogether, claiming that it doesn't apply to the world we know. How wrong we are in this juvenile assumption. Should you be ready to embrace the bigger picture, you will find the track opening up to a whole new realm of probability.

For more explorations of this nature, and how it applies to you, get in touch.

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