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New Horizons

Here you will find snippets of useful information about continuous improvement, culture change and how I can potentially help to drive your mission in the direction you need it to go - with gusto.  ​ You know what's needed - you've charted the long-term view. How to get everyone on board and pulling together (in the same direction!) is another matter entirely.


For less than you'd bargained for, I can introduce your mission in a totally refreshing way your staff can readily relate to. ​ They don't have to think about the workplace for those few minutes. They can immerse themselves in a storyboard that takes them on a journey to your new horizon, and gives them good reason for going there with you.

A series of sequential courses will energise and motivate further as the mission statement takes shape and becomes a staple of everyone's view of progress as it should be, for everyone's benefit, with positive outcomes uppermost in mind.

Building a Sustainable C.I. Platform

Let's catalyse your mission in a way that's easily understood (and that people will want to take part in!)


I'm warm, friendly, and unexpectedly home-spun. (You'll enjoy freedom from lifeless Powerpoints and endless references to things people don't want to know.) I'll give your mission some real humanity, a sense of personal purpose, and encourage your audience to think about your directive as their own, as something they really want to be part of.

Human energy can be positive or negative. That's why it's important to address it directly. You have to tackle energy with due care and attention, with the respect it deserves, because energy determines the atmosphere, enjoyability, and productivity of your workplace, and is produced by the people within it.

Catalysing Change

Scientifically speaking, energy is the only thing that actually exists. All matter is made of energy, and the way you approach it is going to be critical to your success in harnessing the best of your workplace potential. The last thing you want, if you want to instil positive change management, is for your staff to be mentally bound to the same old system and the same old modes of being. After all, how many times have you heard the phrase, "we've always done it this way..." ?? To change a culture effectively, you need to do things differently.

My experience in culture change is valuable to you now.  My unusual delivery is going to be of benefit as people will sit up and take notice. "Who's this? What's she on about? That's interesting..."

Preparing for real progress

Progress is hard enough to instil without blocks in the way of our own making. Please don't make the mistake of trying to drive everything forward yourself, because you're up against the age-old "Berlin wall" of 'minions v. management' and will meet high levels of resistance. Break that new ground first, with my help, then you can embark on new territory with confidence, with your workforce alongside you.

If you want to see real progress, your community has to trust that you are changing, too. They need to see progress as a two-way street, not just as effort they're supposed to deliver for your benefit.

Let them know you're human, that you've really thought this through, and that you're going to be there for them, too.

Your fully sustainable C.I. programme will reflect your deeper nature, and inspire improvement in fresh, surprising ways.

Have fun, take care, speak soon.

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