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About Me.

The provision you've been looking for en route to raising productivity (typically by >20%), engaging workforce with mission, engendering best-practice performance

(the record broken at Corus Steel was 1,000 Days No Lost Time Injuries),

while reducing losses and increasing profitability.

Where does all this C.I. ambrosia spring from?
The answer is really straightforward:  from the existing cultural dynamic.

Get to know the components of your workplace matrix with a full cultural analysis -
confidentially acquired information that's impossible to secure from an in-house survey.

Engage people with empowerment via Positive Productivity - the natural way to discover how much more they can do with what they have. This engenders increased efficiency without effort, ensuring sustainability through collective desire to keep the bar high - no-one ever wants to return to the way things were.

Plus an attentive aftercare package to support your transitions once the Programme is complete.

Service Facilitations

Cultural Analysis

up to 15 people per day.

A stand-alone service delivered without obligation.

This is where we start - a complete overview of the present cultural dynamic; issues that are damaging, the root cause of problems, how people view key issues of importance and what seems to be needed and desired. You receive a Report from a well-balanced questionnaire that digs deep into people's thoughts and feelings about the workplace and themselves (which is completely anonymous, giving clean results impossible to achieve from an in-house survey). 

Analysis for 15 people (one-to-one, in confidence) takes a full day on site. Valuation and production of your Report is included, plus a 2-hour strategic planning meeting to optimise what we've found. A three-figure investment could secure substantial long-term benefits in support of your future implementations.

Positive Productivity: Programme Facilitation

8 people per course of 12 weekly 1hr workshops on-site.

Where the magic happens - 3 months will complete a transformation. We begin by looking at how people relate to themselves and each other - the bedrock of communication systems, working practice, cultural attitude and more.  

Back-engineering common problems and assumptions so that they're fully understood before adopting different ways of being, we then co-create a new vehicle for sustainable C.I. from awareness, empowerment and alignment with mission.

Unravelling negative entrapments and replacing them with core values through choice, the programme instils a strong desire for positive, sustainable results right across the matrix, bringing elements together cohesively and experientially to ensure that nobody wants to go back to the way things were, everyone wants to keep on contributing positively (having experienced first-hand the benefits of doing so), and you have the culture you wanted... from that day forward, prepare to be continually amazed.

Workshops take place on-site - cost-effective, collaborative training that ensures uptake and produces the results testified by previous clients (guaranteed).

This is your route to synchronising the wellbeing of staff with the health of the company, a highly desirable synergy your customers will increasingly seek.

Monthly reports included to chart achievements and progress.

Strategic Support

All participants

Optional contracts from 6 months duration

Want to keep momentum without losing track of the new trajectory?

Maintenance facilities help to fuel the onward journey while a new era beds in with coaching, mentorship, strategy planning and implementation.

Support packages from £100 p.m., tailored to your specific requirements.

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