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Free Assessment Opportunity
Autumn 2023

Optimise your new strategy for the New Year!

An amazing offer from WorldLine ...

 give 2024 the best start in being all it should be for your company!

No cost, no obligation, just a valuable resource you'll be glad you opted for

Know what's going on underground

About Me.

Access inner sanctums with full cultural analysis -
a revealing evaluation that's impossible to obtain
 from an in-house survey.

Develop social advancement and environmental values. 
Introduce and foster engagement and mission alignment
Transform your working environment, ahead of the exponential curve.
Create solid foundations to build a future of sustainable excellence. 

Realise the Potential

Service Facilitations

Cultural Analysis

A unique on-site service

(delivered without obligation).

Your employees speak confidentially, one-to-one, on how they think, feel,

and view the company.

Anonymity assured.

Understand what's really going on so that your progress has a solid foundation.

From £1,900

Find out more.

Foundation Programmes

Positive Productivity:

The essential, record-breaking foundation course!

8 people per workshop, 12 weekly sessions on-site.


Visibly advance social cohesion, evolve the mind-set and improve communication; foster engagement and alignment with mission

from newly-established priority values.

Increase productivity and retention sustainably,

while building the framework of social governance... 

from £6,000

Find out more

Environmental Sustainability

Build strong foundations for your environmental strategy! 

8 weekly sessions increase awareness, improve ethic and develop a focus on ecological health.

Create your ESG template from a solid base

of life-long commitment and understanding... 

from £4,000

Find out more

Strategic Support

Specialised options with accredited on-site provisions following Foundation programmes...

Coaching, check-ins, strategic implementation, working-party formation and ongoing development initiatives; a bespoke, premium facility progressing the gains made to date according to your individual needs.

Services available include support meetings, project management, mentorship/coaching, and specially designed programmes to address priorities in your unique environment

Enquire for details

Is your company one of the 90% in the UK whose employees are disengaged?
A quick reminder of your meter reading across all floors:
The true cost of cultural malaise
Email today to arrange an informal, constructive discussion.

Useful Information

Get in touch and step onto
your stairway to excellence


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