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WorldLine Training

WorldLine Training


This is a small selection of quotes from written testimonials.
You are welcome to view original files on request, including participant Feedback Reports (hand-written with anonymity).

Skeptical production operatives were achieving new pride

in each self-imposed challenge successfully met.  Breakdowns and delays came down, quality of product improved, output increased all against a background of escalating safety performance. The benefits remained real and visible. A low-cost investment brought very substantial economic and human resource returns.

David Brodie MBE - Corus Steel

The engagement and understanding of our business goals has increased immeasurably due in no small part to the wider team appreciating the opportunity to participate in our vision for the future. Staff retention and productivity have both increased since we implemented the programme and Kathy's recommendations.

Phil Cross -  UE Group

You will be pleased to hear that we will be doing our very best to keep your name and first class service away from our competitors.

David Barnett - Cepcor

It was a refreshing experience to deal with you as your can-do attitude never faltered. Many thanks for your contribution to an exciting and productive year.

Chris Farmer - Profilex

The Course makes me think about others more, and their aims. We all want a happier place to work.

I feel more confident in the presence of management team members. Improved my self-awareness, think twice before action. The program is very enjoyable!

Very good course. Nice to see everyone wants the same outcomes :) Very easy, nice videos to aid visual learners.

I think the course changes our lives in more ways than we realise. I've made changes I never thought possible.

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