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Are You Ready For Cohesion?

Updated: 4 days ago

When a workplace has cohesion, the systems of operation and the application of human effort are smooth and seamless. There's confidence and enjoyable energy, the positive kind. Negative energy feeds on illusions of worst-case, a 'someone to blame' so you can feel guilty, the wrongdoings of others and the malaise of the world around you. Negativity leaves scant room for joy, excitement or goodwill if allowed to run amok, which in most cases, it is.

At the start of a programme on-site, everyone's suspicious. New people are always viewed with suspicion. Whose side someone is on hangs overhead like a giant question-mark, and familiarity has already bred plenty of contempt.

By the sixth week, most people have taken to the idea that how they view the company has a lot to do with what they're doing in it. We go through the traps of confirmation bias and blame cycles, look at how things work in human nature and how to freely get the best from what's hidden in plain sight. Gifts await, dormant until woken by the spirit of intent when suddenly the workplace comes to life - let battle commence between eager crusaders and ne'er-do-wells.

Negativity won't give up without a fight. With powerful purpose, it strives for inertia. Doing nothing is its best friend. "Resistance is futile," it keenly observes, trawling out evidence from decades of history to prove the point. You might as well not bother because nobody else will. "Nothing will change around here," rings the all-too-familiar battlecry up and down the halls of discontent.

At this point, management can falter, swayed by the impact of action necessary to keep momentum on a trajectory into the unknown. Captains taking orders or running on their own, the weight of responsibility is the same. Those who take the risk of changing things find themselves applauded by their teams, most of whom want engagement to become a reality. Engagement is achieved by letting go of reins and allowing the company to lift its head up, run ahead, flourish, and be free to reach excellence. That's what it wants. That's what negativity is successfully stopping it from doing. Here we get to taste the clarity of achievable objectives.

In different water altogether now, teams are building of their own accord. Cohesion is based on absence of fragmentation. Striving to build teams of people who work in the same part of the operation leads to competition and silo mentality. The company strengthens when channels of information form, when recognition that operations need the lifeblood of communication more than anything else is there to keep momentum. Teams are people who connect in knowing their part of the system is reliant and relied on by other parts played by other people. Seamlessness comes about from this element of engagement.

The word 'teams' is probably misleading in context. A team implies a group in opposition to other groups, and that precept is one to run a mile from! A company has an arterial network (CEO to grass roots) and a venous network (grass roots to CEO) just like any other living organism. In attaining cohesion, employees form collaborations in exchanging information, silos are dissolved and responsibility isn't so scary after all, in fact it's quite fun to be talking sense and watching the organisation lift its act for all to see.

Excellence - an achievable objective; coherence is required to reach it.

Coherent light creates lasers, incoherent light comes from a bulb. One warms a lampshade, the other cuts through steel. Given the chance to take part in success (given that success requires positive energy), networks formed through this process feed the right stuff into the company's vascular system and generate miraculous results - even the people involved will have to pinch themselves.

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If you are willing to take the quantum leap, and let your net do its best work, amass as much information as you can about human nature and apply it to your transformational strategy (for starters, read the articles embedded in this post). Be prepared to change with the evolving system and give enjoyment room to breathe, for it has a place. Never underestimate the power of positive energy. Experts linked above would all agree.

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