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Are Your Meetings Meaningful?

They could be - think of the vibrance waiting to happen at the introduction of new strategies, better ways of promoting the workplace, enlivening daily management systems and bringing concepts to life that mean something to everyone?

So what's the problem? Absence of chocolate? Appalling coffee from the vending machine? Nooo... it's Time. We find it very difficult to pin down Time as a commodity, because it moves in a different way for everyone. The one commonality, when it comes to meetings, is that it moves faster for the people talking than it does for those who aren't.

There is a solution. You have to be brave, and the introduction of chocolate might not be a bad idea. The solution is to view the agenda in relation to Time and to ensure there's a synergy between the two. If you let a meeting run as long as it wants to without any form of discipline in this respect, bring Haribos instead.

For more anecdotes and advisories, go to the Meetings page here.

This video explains all:

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