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WorldLine Training

Averting the Demon Attrition

“Existing employees are your most powerful source of advertising and play a key role in helping to attract talent. To cultivate brand ambassadors, your employees must see consistency in the image you sell externally and in the day-to-day reality of working for your company. Incorporate the Employee Value Proposition into the company’s induction plans, reward and recognition schemes, internal communications, policies, and business plans, so that it is reflected in the way your company conducts its daily operations. Review your EVP annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the changing employee experience.

With an effective EVP, you will have candidates fighting to work for you.”

Michael Page Associates

This A-list recruitment agency wants to help its customers retain their employees, because it wants to be recruiting for the best companies. Those with high turnover might be short-term cash cows but their reputation is bonded with the client-service network and smart recruiters know that an EVP is going to make it much easier for them to place, and therefore attract, quality candidates.

A sustainable EVP will save you thousands of pounds in a short space of time. Leaving the leak to widen will only cost more in the long run, and that bill could grow exponentially out of all proportion to the problems you actually face.

Want your company to step up to the plate in time to catch the wave of potential staff retention? Get in touch now on 07770 583223 or email

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