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Back-Engineering Negativity

Why do you have negativity problems? Why are they so hard to eradicate? Everyone has issues with negativity - it's the root of depression, anxiety, stress and self-sabotage. Negativity feeds demoralisation and lack of self-worth, promotes inertia and invites discord. Combatting it is very necessary for healthy growth of companies and individuals - that's why you need real solutions right now.

First you have to find out what's eating at your workforce and with all due respect, you're not going to get that kind of insight in-house. Employees pick their battles with management very carefully and will not say what's in their hearts without a caveat of elementary caution. WorldLine gets round that problem with total anonymity in the process of analysis.

Then you have to introduce measures to replace negativity with positivity and make it stick. No amount of advisories, directives or memos will change a thing, for people have to choose change for themselves. They have to decide that a certain track is best for them. So we put your people at the front line of change management, and guide them to adopt - through choice - the practices that will give the best performance.

You cannot do this in-house. Why? Because we all solidify our impressions of who people are in a relatively short space of time. Your staff have a fixed perception of you and your colleagues, so no matter which member of staff heads up a training programme the result will be the same - short-lived enthusiasm to show willing.

An external provider has a distinct advantage in having no preconception to carry with them. The working partnership brings with it a clean slate and people have the chance to explore new concepts from a fresh start. Making guided decisions on self-management and best practice, they create the culture everyone wants, and the company takes the credit for giving them the opportunity to turn their lives around, not just in the workplace but at home, too. Nobody ever wants to go back to the way things were before.

In engineering and manufacturing, the importance of positive productivity can't be stressed enough. There are enough stresses in daily living without leaving your workforce to fend for themselves on low wages in demoralising conditions. If you neglect your people this way, the best will leave you while the least confident stay on to have you over a barrel, for as one CEO put it to me yesterday, "employees have all the power these days. You can't just fire people because you don't like them." Bringing new people into a negativity furnace is just going to fuel the same kind of friction you were hoping their presence would quell.

Give your staff the tools to make life better for themselves - only WorldLine will guarantee your results and your ROI in visible performance. No other company analyses with anonymity, no other company delivers this programme, no other company will offer you a contractual guarantee of increased productivity.

Call me now for a chat on 07770 583223, or email me for more details.

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