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Burning the Standard Candle

In the world of engineering, there are lots of ways for motivation to melt. Let's face it, the job may not be that exciting. Long shifts, short breaks and low pay can be a minefield of mental stresses for people who really just want to be happy like everyone else.

Our sector is full of talent. Those in front of workstations are continually thinking. They're thinking about family, friends, finance and fun times - not necessarily in that order, interspersed with concerns about what other people think, what the boss wants next, whether it's okay to speak with that team-mate and when the next bit of bother is going to bob along.

The thoughts we have weave into our reality and go a long way towards creating it. Life is no show-down with streamers and gold stars, it's a hard slog through tripwires and triggers that could - if we let it - be so much easier than we can possibly credit.

What if those wan-weary people were thinking about the company from a new perspective? What would change if you were all considering the welfare of the organisation you're there to represent? Mission is everything to a company - it's the driver, the bus, the ship and the train. The corporate journey is a long haul to the other side of success, and even that looks different for everyone. Let's think about what success looks like for someone on a shop floor.

There's a community in there, busily trying to make a difference. Pushing product through the door is the reason they're with you - somewhere on the line you fit just as they do in the process of bringing in those who desire that product and delivering it safely to them. While that's happening, every small step the material takes changes its energy, subjects it to energy before finally leaving the floor with all that transformational energy in its final composition. Let a bit of science in through the back gate here - everything is energy, including us. Matter is just an illusion we make up in 3D.

When the energy is negatively charged, things go wrong. They break, they break down, they don't make it past Quality, they get returned, everyone's unhappy. Whether it's machinery, people, or stuff popping out of the door, that negativity is always there tagging along in the works. Many companies absorb this financially but equally, many go to the wall, for this environment is not productive, it's surviving on a shoestring of candlewick and bitter pills with wellbeing a distant dream.

Back to science. Positivity is temporary. In the mental sense, it's also realistic - a positive mind is well aware that nothing lasts forever. The self speak of "it's always been this way and is never going to change" belongs in the opposite camp, along with those viral resentments harboured in a typical industrial space. Time is not money, it's a universal commodity you can't buy. Every parsec ticking off in your life is a moment wasted or a moment of joy... interpreted, what we think is what happens - since reading that, you've travelled 3,200 miles. We're gunning through the cosmos at 32,000 miles a minute. Now you can chill out with a rethink on Time, and fully realise the implication of 'temporary construct'.

I could go on... but there are enough links up there to keep you going for five minutes. If you want to have a chat, you know where to find me.

Enjoy your day x

Image credit: Roberto Nickson

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