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Can you afford poor mental health?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

People in this day and age are suffering a whole host of problems with mentality and the labelling system finds it hard to keep up. Everything from low mood to hyperactivity is viewed as a potential illness, and the knock-on effect is that people become afraid of their perceived problems to the extent that it affects their work along with their home life and even their physical wellbeing. Estimates put the cost to UK economy at around £55 billion a year (

"Mental health" made itself into a cosy hyperbole for when it first became a social issue nobody really knew what to do; the situation has not improved much since the turn of the millennium. So most companies are still floundering in the dark, bringing up the subject only to bury it again, pushing on regardless with new machinery, rebranding, bonuses or pay rises in the hope of enlivening the dead horse at the heart of their workplace culture.

Money is no motivator when it comes to being happy. People learn to cultivate a positive attitude through adopting ways of thinking that serve them well, and if we can experience a life improvement immediately, we tend to make the habit stick. Money comes in and goes out, it hosts no contribution to our quality of life other than by material means. A new car won't stop Daddy being angry for long.

Mental health, EQ, mindset, attitudinal culture base, whatever you want to call the bedrock of your company's potential, is more than a paper-based item to be addressed at some point when you get round to it. Your people are desperately thirsty for motivation, self-belief, engagement and sense of purpose - all things which directly benefit your company and feed the roots of its success. They're smarter than they're given credit for and will work better as we all do in a positive environment. I can help you co-create that, from worst-case scenario if necessary, but you have to really want to find the answers and be prepared to make the most of what they say.

To resolve the situation, it's important first to talk about it. At WorldLine, you'll find a depth of knowledge unrivalled in the world of culture transformation, a clear understanding that broke records in the steel industry and has been described as "the catalyst that led to us becoming the cohesive team we are today."

Look over this website to see how it happens.

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