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Continuous Improvement Foundations

Continuous Improvement - let's talk about that. When companies introduce schemes like 6S and Lean, they have a flurry of uptake before enthusiasm wanes and managers are left with an expensive initiative they have to spend time (and therefore money) coddling into the tick-box of 'continuous improvement'. Which in reality, truth be told, it doesn't really qualify for any more.

C.I. is an exponential curve of progressive upgrades in productivity, engagement, mission alignment and corporate responsibility, and these things don't come from data-driven exercises. They come from a workforce that chooses to improve its culture through discovering what it takes to do so, and in being able to take this learning home with them, get to improve their personal relations as well. They then credit the company for this amazing opportunity and keep on progressing, since once you start, the sky's the limit and having broken records with programmes in the past, I know this can be achieved.

Progress isn't a point-scoring exercise, it's about how people feel, their self-confidence, their ability to realise their own potential and the sense of achievement that comes with each challenge successfully met. This is sustainable C.I. in action. We can talk about how it works in practice, if you want to.

First, have a look at this video:

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