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Danger - Low Hanging Fruit

I first heard the term many years ago, from a GM who didn't like me, saw no reason to trust me and rampaged through any possibility of continuation with the company. Nevertheless, the programme he didn't want to believe in still managed to break a company record. Neither of us saw that one coming.

When he spoke of this imaginary vine I thought it was disparaging to view people that way. Having worked with those people for 3 months, I was indignant that he should refer to them so in the vague disguise of 'potential productivity'.

Nothing since has changed my mind that thinking of people as vegetational commodities was not a healthy thing to harbour. By default, it disembodies a culture from its own version of society, the unique quality that makes a company what it is. Perhaps it's management protocol, perhaps it's political - wherever it comes from, the language we use to refer to fellow humans says all too much about ourselves. And as the article linked below will attest, grabbing at the easiest target is not the best policy in the long run.

Carpe Diem makes no reference to 'seizing'. The term speaks of harvest, implying the value of a moment in time - a single day can make a difference to the way people feel about Life in general. Harmony is created through accord of personas, a shared sense of purpose, a value in the way we spend that which we are given. Engagement depends on it, and our methodology of murmurings has an impact that ripples through the probability spectrum your organisation traverses.

Should you fear the consequences of change, and the implication on your personal development, talk to me. I might not agree with the way you see things, but I can help you with a growth plan in ways you might have missed. You may be pleasantly surprised - in fact you can expect to be so, for the magic of a fruiting body is that it seeds the generics for the next generation, and if you can't look after that with due care and attention, who can?

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