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Engaging With Your Energy

One of the key factors to come from Cultural Analysis is that most of us humans are unaware of how to manage ourselves. We might hide our insecurities behind bluster and claim our stress-free stake in life to be a gravy train, but deep down there's turmoil and everyone gets to share in that particular pie.

Where do you start in the process of self-engagement? Isn't there a huge amount of effort involved? Well, there's ample room for acceptance, for realising that effort doesn't come into the equation. Appreciation has a bigger part to play than any amount of uphill struggling. Like Hermione's recipe for escaping Devil's Snare, the more you relax, the quicker you get free... the hare thinks he's going to win, but he burns out ahead of the time allowance.

But we find that appreciation is a difficult thing to pin down with so many things conversely clamouring to be maligned, like difficulties in relationships and aspects of life that aren't what we want them to be. With such a mess of poor-me pottage under our noses to be lapped up, it's hardly surprising we forget to take stock of our credible credentials long enough to realise we have a lot going on in our favour if only we knew where to look.

I've met some incredible people in the process of my work, sad and self-doubting under a mantle of intelligence, warmth, and vibrant personality. They have no idea how much of themselves they're missing out on until shown how to recognise the source of their latent potential. That's why I've written this - I want you to make sure you're enjoying the full range of ingredients in your unique, personal equation and if not, if you're finding yourself counting the beasties instead of the blessings, ask where you might be able to alight from that always-and-never train that's been running your thoughts and board a faster, more efficient mode of transport through Time, for you too can fly, you know - it's a matter of alignment with your own mission, and knowing that there are plenty of people, places and opportunities waiting to help you in this strange Universe that caters for every kind of consciousness imaginable.

Know your uniqueness... the stuff that holds you together as a singular, irreplaceable being of immense universal importance. Without you, the fabric of humanity would not be as it is. Without you, the company you work for would not have your potential. Together you're a laser that cuts through everything - the competition, the threats, the uncertainty - and races free of encumbrance ahead of the exponential curve. Everyone (and every company) works best with a mission, and waiting around for alignment is not an option. You have to become what it is you want to be.

You might be the entrepreneur who brought it all together, and you're waiting, too, for something to light the blue touch paper. If you think of the workforce as lesser beings, you'll be rewarded with less than you thought you deserved. You may be wondering if anything or anyone is going to come to the rescue, and you'll wait a long time until you find it in yourself to look within. Alignment is everything when it comes to power. Nothing photonic is more coherent than a laser beam.

So when you're looking for engagement, take small steps for the kind of human factor that'll bring your world to life, and make it happen. Not overnight, but over time - there's always potential for acceleration when you place knowledge in the right hands.

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