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Evolution, Recognition and Cultural Transition

Beyond engagement, a special kind of magic awaits. People love to love, to share ideas, to be part of a worthwhile project. You want a company of excellence? First recognise the excellence in the company. You can't ignite transition without a clear vision of the objective and a strongly-held belief in its practical application.

When recognised, appreciated and confirmed, a person's identity starts to grow beyond self-absorption and distress. Nobody wants to feel like a number - an analogy often used in reference to cultures missing this point... it's easy and very common for decision-makers to buy new machinery ahead of investing in people, to believe that the grass-roots workforce just wants a pay rise and all problems would be solved if they had one. Here's why it doesn't work like that (from researched and recorded evidence).

To break a performance record from a standing, uphill start requires of those participating to enjoy the process... the article linked above will attest to this. Thirty steelworkers would not have put their backs into the transformation cited on the Home page of this website if they had no will to do so, a will that came from their own self-motivation which needed only to be brought to light and recognised as the powerful catalyst to change it represents. So why are leaders still inclined to put their company's money into inanimate objects instead of strategising and promoting a healthy, vibrant culture that supports higher productivity and quality? Could it be that buying kit represents the path of least resistance? Here's why that can lead to some demoralising consequences.

Wherever the ground is tilled and made good for personal and professional development, people will want to go there. They want to come into work and they want to loyally love that company. They want to be one of the old-timers one day and pass their knowledge on freely to new recruits. People outside will want to join, when the word on the street is that people matter to this organisation.

Companies are being called to evolve beyond the Dark Ages these days. Draconian methods are no longer deemed acceptable, we've gone beyond that now. It seems that we want to evolve, to do better with our worlds and contribute positively to the planetary system, socially and environmentally. Make a start with a meaningful conversation!

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