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WorldLine Training

WorldLine Training

First, Co-Create a Cohesive Culture

ESG is a great idea in theory, but where there's a 'but' there's a deeper cut. You know how hard it is to get management and shop floor teams to trust each other and work together for the greater good of the company. Why is this the case?

In an experiment, young men from different backgrounds were assigned roleplay as guards or prisoners in the Stanford Prison Experiment, later turned into a film. Levels of psychological abuse that quickly followed are disturbing to say the least, revealing how fragile the better side of human nature really is.

In a company, you have a collection of people brought together for a single purpose, to build a productive, thriving hub of industry with a reputable identity. The truth is that this plan can sometimes go horribly wrong.

WorldLine was created to solve problems such as attrition, inertia, demoralisation and loss of communication by tackling the root cause - negativity - at its core.

In the heart of every man and woman working for you, there is a will to be loyal, committed and valuable to the corporate community, fighting with a gremlin that blames, resents and wreaks havoc with the engagement and efficiency that needs to be nurtured.

Call me (07770 583223) to discuss how this internal battlefield affects your company's welfare, and look at ESG as it really ought to be with a positive outcome all round.

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