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How to Manage Misery

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

"That's a strange title," you may reasonably think to yourself. After all, why would you want to manage misery in the first place? You're not miserable, are you?

Here's a checklist just to make sure:

  • Are you looking forward to going in to work?

  • Have you found a solution to productivity problems?

  • How many people will make you feel good today?

Not a very long checklist, but it'll get you thinking. I know what you want - but have you got it?

You want to look forward to going in to work, knowing that you have nothing to worry about, safely predicting feelgood factors being shared by everyone there.

Achieving this might seem, on face value, like an impossible dream, but it's not - in fact the checklist above forms the basis of a healthy company.

Let's be clear, it doesn't matter how much you earn or what your position is - unless you are devoid of conscience (in which case you won't be reading this) you are going to feel the effects of negativity, and you're going to feel guilty about leaving your employees to deal with it alone. You might have tried all kinds of things to change the situation, none of which have worked - and I'll bet my bottom dollar none of those things you tried were guaranteed, either.

This is why I guarantee my work - I know it works. I'm so totally confident of turning things around that I'll stake my wages on it. Because, at the end of the day, every company and every person in it is unique, an individual entity, with a personality of their own, and with that personality comes ego - the identity, and the self-protective mechanism that goes with it. On balance, that's potentially a healthy thing to have - you wouldn't be able to promote effectively or drive a mission forward without it. But let off the leash without proper training, that ID will snarl, terrorise and wreak havoc. Before long, everyone is wondering what horrible thing it's going to do next and dreading the dreaded clock-in time.

This is corporate misery, and you don't want it. Firing the unhappy people is not the solution - showing unhappy people how to build a positive environment is the solution. This process does not involve pay rises, expensive perks, new cars or a redesigned uniform. What it does involve is everyone across the workforce, a flexible sense of perspective, and a will to trust.

The result of negativity - its classic impact on you - is a personal version of lockdown. You don't want to move from your established placement and you won't trust anyone to do things properly. In fact you'll end up being so sure that people are going to do things wrong that eventually the evidence points only to things done wrong, leading inevitably to your increasingly demotivated staff making plenty of poor judgements and losing their duty of care because yes, fear breeds fear where there is no common enemy. Wherever that happens, an enemy will be found. You can guess the rest if you're living that dream.

You don't have to harbour that kind of nightmare. Your company can lose the foreboding sense of gloom and become a bright, vibrant place to walk into every day - a cohesive team of people working together willingly to bring about the best results you ever thought possible. First, the state of play needs to be carefully analysed so that the track to run on is certain to deliver those outcomes that, deep down, you really want.

You could wake up tomorrow with a totally new kind of vision in front of you. Right now, though, you'll be looking for a portal - the button below is your best-ever bet.

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