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Human Factor Analysis - where's the catch?

Everything in life has a caveat attached - there's no such thing in the universe as a free lunch. 'Life is hard' because everything has to be worked for, and in analysing the culture of a company it's important to consider that the effort people expend in time and energy is often misplaced, simply because we as a species are not very good at natural equations.

Viewing the picture of your company as it is, from whichever perspective you hold in terms of rank, you're going to come up with a few black spots. If you're looking for synergy, you won't find it in the Lean manual. There's not a belt of any colour that will save you from the cold truth if your culture is infected by negative processes.

Negative infestation is very common, and not at all unsurmountable. But like Indiana Jones stepping onto the invisible bridge, you have to take a leap of faith to make that first move towards positive transformation. Productivity on the level your company is capable of will come naturally from engagement and alignment with the mission, but it won't appear magically at your feet because you pulled a Directive out of the hat. Genuine sustainable increases in productivity and performance come from collective appreciation of How To Make Things Work Better from within the Self.

In this video you'll discover three critical questions you need to ask, and a large signpost pointing straight at the problems people often encounter within companies.

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