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WorldLine Training

Into the Slipstream

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Today was a busy day, with a beautiful sunset to walk the dogs through. Tonight I watched half of QI to learn that certain creatures (from mites to sharks) have begun to reproduce asexually; due to what exactly? Nobody knows. This evolution has happened recently, relative to the age of life on Earth... within our own world lines, even... and as usual no-one was there to see it. I also learned from one of my mentors that the future is something we go to meet, with a vision of ourselves we're going to find there.

Tomorrow will also be a busy day with people kindly completing a Questionnaire in questing to understand where the industry sits these days with its productivity relations. A number of companies have already done so, and the conversations have proved very enlightening. By talking through key points, changes can be analysed; there's no data out there at the moment so I'm harvesting some.

The report is expected in October, so if you want to participate, get in touch with me. This line of enquiry is important for us all.

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