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Positive Productivity

"Have a lovely day today. While you're here, I'm just going to introduce you to Positive Productivity."

"What's that? How can productivity be positive?"

I'd ask you, how can it not be, if it's going to be efficient? The productivity level of any company depends upon its operators, fitters, machinists, and assemblers. Should these critical people happen to be swimming in a slough of negativity, busily resenting and blaming and fiercely protecting whatever they can of their space (workzone/bench/fridge), then productivity is going to suffer. Not rocket science, just bald fact.

Have you noticed, btw, what's happening in civil engineering? I mean, have you found yourself driving past roadworks that don't complete their task for years, their sites full of standing machinery and workers standing to chat? That's what happens when people aren't motivated, and these roadside work zones are right there staring you in the face, every day you drive by. What might not be so easy to see is what's happening in your own workspace.

Equipment runs more smoothly when it's looked after. When it's not really getting much consideration, eventually it's likely to break down. The quality of output may suffer unnoticed, along with components quietly crying out to be fixed. You can see from this example alone how easy it is for a culture to let its company fall into states of disrepair with no intention of doing so, simply by falling into sorry states of mind. Collectively, this can prove disastrous as negativity breeds like wildfire. That state of being isn't comfortable for them, and it's not desirable for you.

Efficiency has a lot to do with fluidity and speed. Smooth flows and fast currents. Happy people tend to optimise their time. They engage more and procrastinate less. If 'engagement' to them means chattering to a colleague about how awful the management is, then there's a gap in understanding and appreciation waiting to be filled. You won't fill it by stuffing in process directives, you'll just end up with more paperwork. You won't fill it by setting reward-and-punishment systems, either... people will feel victimised and even those who go for the rewards will eventually crumble under peer pressure.

There is one thing, and one thing alone, that can guarantee sustainable levels of improvement in productivity. Positive energy. Positivity is a mindset - a confident, focussed, committed mindset on a mission. Provide a mission that makes sense to everyone, and you have a starting point. The thing is, everyone wants to feel part of that mission, and that's going to involve some involvement. Nobody likes being told what to do, everyone loves to be a valued contributor.

Engagement is something you feel, something you decide to protect because it's valuable to you. After all, you'd hardly get engaged to someone who wasn't important in your world. What you're really seeking is a road to positivity, which unlike Oz, is really there to be found.

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