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Superhuman Supersystems

Sometimes in life, miracles happen. Coincidence turns into synchronicity under the questing eye of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung. You can read their remarkable story at the end.

Human nature weds to patterns. Our routine is a series of patterned activities, our TVs are pixels creating images our visual cortex will recognise. Art depends on patterns and even our version of Beauty is reliant on the cosy Golden Ratio of 1.618. Crystalline structures are so appealing to us because they represent a lattice containing patterns (and creating various phenomena which technology and spirituality have optimised for specific usage). Even our behaviour is the result of patterns created by the brain.

In physics, a structure or body demonstrating complexity qualifies as a supersystem. If you look the term up, you'll find many references to this but you'll also find difficulty pinning a description down. Try searching Images and a handful will turn up, not the reams of pages you're used to in relation to the things you look for on the Net. Typical of so many quantum-mechanical descriptives, "Supersystem" is a bit of an ambiguous term applied to a number of correlating principles.

Extrapolate this to a human collective, and give that collective a continuum. You have the essence of a company - a structure comprised of many individual units working together to form the whole. Weaving the workings of quantum fabric into our understanding of the human supersystem gives us some surprising and elucidating results, which this video goes some way towards explaining.

Interested in Synchronicity? Check the credentials created by Pauli and Jung in one of the most significant meetings of minds the last century managed to manufacture:

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