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Synchronicity - Jung, Pauli and Reality

Seemingly synchronicity doesn't manifest in a negative context at all. When we experience a series of horrible events, we think of three buses coming at once. They tend to happen unexpectedly. However they manifest, unfortunate events don't have a ring of brightness around them. But synchronicity can come at you thick and fast like dazzling tumbleweeds, one thing after another making for what turns out to be a 12-hr purple patch. And aligned as they are with our mind, we can almost see them coming sometimes...

The lesson seemingly consistent with these conjoined events was to allow Time to slip as it will, carrying whatever it carries under our particular bridge (that no-one else is standing on) on ad infinitum to wherever it wants to go, which is no concern of ours as we can't control it, change it or fruitfully allow it to affect our trajectory. The amount of choice we have in matters of Life is a variable equation and the subject of common argument, being as it is an issue of free will and no-one wants to think about not having any of that.

If we could get a handle on reality and be able to bend it like Geller's spoons, we would then understand how to work with synchronicity on the quantum level, see ourselves as quantum units in experiencing the shift and accept the positive consequences of our fate instead of filling our heads with problems of boredom. Mundane things that matter less than our state of mental health, shall we say. Things beyond our control that seem to get under our skin far too often, which is true for most triggers. You could say these little kicks in the teeth equate to the impact of a hormone on a cell, or a W particle on a neutrino. We fear what's not happened, and our perspective on the past at these times is full of perceptions pulled into negativity. No need, when the Present is all that exists and a pause is as good as a rest.

Buffered along by communal feelings of fear and insecurity, we're doing ourselves a great disservice in not allowing the Present to fill itself with joy. Joy can't compete with The News, for example. Get sucked into propaganda and you're sunk - it's quite a simple equation. Don't worry, it's just the way things are.

One of the strange effects of synchronicity is the sense of humility that comes with it. People have described it as 'fist bumps from the Universe', or a "calling card from God." When a synchronous event collides with your time line, you know it, and you also know that it being the case was nothing to do with you.

That being the case, it has to do with something. Ruling out false idols and effigies, there's a system at work we know nothing about. We could run around all day with our heads in the sand and not even know it was in our eyes, were it not for the blatant reality that science is uncovering, the one dependent on entanglement and duality, superposition and uncertainty. That one. All very simple, when you look at it baldly with a brave face that doesn't believe the academic promo presenting it as something you'll never understand. Yes, you can. It's not rocket science, it's just interesting and the more you look at it, the more it seems to relate to us. Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli thought so too.

So of all the many things to fear, quantum mechanics isn't one of them. If this interests you, keep digging those holes and examining what flies out at you. That's what we're here for, I'm fairly sure about that. Pauli was much revered by Einstein as an advanced thinker of his time. We await more advancement in this era of trial and error, foresight, hindsight and blind inertia. Your contribution to the field of vision could be critical in final analysis.

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