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Why Inertia is a Default Issue

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Cell Inertia

When we are very young, the information entering our brains is accepted unconditionally. If a parent says you can’t have something because you haven’t been good enough, or don’t deserve it, you accept that you didn’t deserve what you wanted. Your developing brain is functioning on theta waves, which manifest as unconditional acceptance of perceived external information. Only when we pass the milestone of seven years (when Beta waves start to dominate) do we begin to cognitively process information and become able to determine the hidden truths behind the actualisation of reality. We can decipher a person’s mood and interpret accordingly.

As we grow older the subconscious habits formed in the brain by thinking this way (however it is we were conditioned to think) lead to regular doses of equivalent hormones depending on how those thoughts make us feel. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, adrenalin and cortisol (to name a few) are expected in certain combinations by the body and lead the thought process to deliver accordingly. Our default mode of thinking, according to Peter, is pointing North - towards Negative in the energy quotient of the universe. By training our thought process towards the South where it’s Sunny, our disposition is created by the hormones released as a consequence of those processes. But Cell Inertia will try to pull the mind back towards default North, what physics would call its 'ground state', where the cells are comfortable.

Where every electron is longing to be.

Newtons 1st Law - objects stay inert until acted upon by an outside force. Every thought produces a chemical bath for cells to swim in. Around 50 trillion cells are governed by this law in the human body. They will stay at ground state unless challenged. Sending sunshine instead of snow to those cells causes conflict as the cells fight to maintain 'magnetic North' under the weight of their own gravity. 'Lightening up' means lightening the load of that chemical dependence your cells have adopted since you were small, during the time when we learned - unbeknown to us - to point that way.

GRASS CELLS MAGNIFIED The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence - these cells epitomise patterns we equate with happiness and luck. Pure chance or synchronicity? Either way, Cell Inertia builds fences.

Our Conscious Mind is in control just 5% of the time under standard (default) conditions! Increasing this quotient is easy with Presence and Spontaneity. PS - my words... these elements of mindset potential produce better chemicals. They are both centred in the Present Time, where our minds are most useful. The improved (positive-induction) chemical cocktail becomes adopted by cells and our body-mind-spirit balance slowly develops a New Normality.

Which is why we can't afford to rush, but have to train for the Brain Marathon.

Here's my take on North Polar mental magnetism. Peter says that we're not made that way (to quote from his site: "If you are conditioned to think habitually negative thoughts, which by the way is most of humanity, not because we're born negative, far from it, but because we're surrounding ourselves with examples of negativity.") :: however, I seriously think there's more to it than that. Why on earth would "most of humanity" fall into the magnet trap otherwise? Electrons are negatively charged. Everything we see, touch, taste and are is, on the surface, electrons. Atomic nuclei are guarded by electrons. But electrons come with holes - yes, there’s a well of potential riding around firmly attached to every electron. When a positron jumps into it from Antimatter World, they annihilate and produce energy. This energy explodes into 50 trillion cells - in fact, this process in our atomic structure is inevitable if we give our cells the right information. There can be no other explanation for thoughts creating hormonal cocktails in the physical body that translate into positive language.

Momentum keeps our compass away from default North and allows for theta-based ideologies to dissipate. The more we follow a positive path of our own making in our minds, the more positronic development we muster as we go along. Improving relationships with mankind and money. Both of which are inescapable factors of environmental impact, influence and importance.

Here's hoping you thoroughly enjoy your day, and thank you for being here... trust me, you matter.

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