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What Lies Beneath Inertia

The demon inertia is the lazy cousin of the demon attrition; together they epitomise the fight-flight-or-keep-still response to perceived danger and internalised fear. People become inert when they are afraid of consequences, worried about what others may think, and unsure of how to focus on a mission they don't understand.

In your company, a sea of potential awaits. What it's waiting for will remain a mystery until you dive into the water, prepared for the inevitable and the not-so-easily-seen, certain that no danger really lurks down there other than what's conjured in your own mind. The people in your pond living vague, disgruntled lives are looking for ways to improve their existence, and with a huge proportion of their time being spent in the workplace, what have you to lose by denying them that right? Bottom-feeders they are not, but you may be forgiven for seeing things that way.

When engagement starts to happen, the atmosphere changes. The lift is palpable - there's a brightness in the air you can feel. We've all walked into places like this and been hit by a surge of undefined positivity, an expectation of something good. You'd want that for your customers when they visit the shop floor. You want to be proud of what your culture represents.

Positive Productivity is the natural consequence of personnel development. The ability of humans to step up to self-determined plates is legendary; results obtained from Analysis reveal the vast majority of staff across the matrix want to align with a mission, if only they knew what it was. The reason they don't know is twofold. Firstly, it's not been communicated - possibly because it hasn't been defined. Secondly, it's not in their remit - they've had nothing to do with its formation so what is there to understand?

Addressing these two major shortfalls in human factor empowerment requires a) a place to start and b) a clear trajectory. Since every company is unique, it must find its own pathway carved by the individuals who comprise it. Bringing their qualities and capabilities to the surface is one way to go. Leaving everything to rot in a muddy soup of unbalanced nutrients is another.

You could see these options as polarities, for there's little in between them except a lot of water flowing under bridges that could have been built if only someone could be bothered to pick up a couple of sleepers. People help each other out when they're given a reason, and a knowledge of How To, and an understanding of their impact on the exponential curve.

We could talk about that, if you want.

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Image courtesy Leslie C. Bertrand

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