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Where to start in changing how people think

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Workplace colleagues might not be your friends, but they're important people in your world. They fulfil the destiny of the company by bringing themselves to the shop floor, the office, or the sales field. The human beings who share your corporate space are the lifeblood of the company whose name you all carry.

When we also carry around baggage from homestead experiences, past trauma, guilt, self-doubt and other sources of anxiety, stress levels can get out of hand even while we're quietly determined not to show any of this to anyone else. The workplace can become a seething pit of tension and negativity, which left unchecked can embed itself to the point of high attrition, down-time, inertia and loss of efficiency. This is, however, not an unassailable situation.

These days, challenge to mentality is higher than perhaps it's ever been. With more diverse populations, economic constraints and global tensions than we've ever known, workplace dynamics are increasingly dependent on the way people respond to each other, communicate and how they think about themselves. The last of these is crucial, because it's invisible and you can't change it with in-house strategies or directives. You can only change how a person feels about themselves by giving them an opportunity to learn the subtle art of self-management.

WorldLine's programme is unique, proven, and thoroughly enjoyable. With 10 out of 10 as the most common feedback score, Positive Productivity hits the mark in raising the bar and empowering staff at the same time, giving you more output and efficiency, quality and best-practice performance while transforming your workplace culture from demoralised to positively vibrant.

Send me an email with the passcode AVERT to get 20% off Cultural Analysis, or give me a call on 07770 583223 and set about changing lives today.

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