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This page is about me, as a person, which is pretty important for our synergy

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Say you, Say me...

We want to maximise our potential with strong core values in place that form a bedrock for our lives with sustainable energy and positive outcomes. We want to be objective, to see the bigger picture. We're looking for self-actualised worth and purpose, and we care about what happens in the future.

Battles with negativity lead to battles with others... we're learning all the time. I've learned from my experience and deliveries that we can all make progress with new insight - indefinitely. We can eliminate the foothold of negativity, overcome obstacles, and make change work by working together in an emotionally intelligent formation. As individuals, things change for us constantly... hey, we're hardly alone in this, are we?


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As a corporate leader, you want a constructive working environment, positive management and recognition of your talents as a human being. (Plus; engaged performance, sustainable productivity ((with improvements!)) and grrrr, a de-stressing system that works (!!!). For more on guarantees, specific benefits and real-time returns, get in touch.) My first love is sustainable change - seeing people work together after years of worst-case scenario. Participants take home their new insights and apply them to daily life (that's why 10 out of 10 is the most common feedback score for my courses). Self-motivation and positive management go hand in hand; loyalty comes from value. I came to understand that C.I. needs solid foundations built from Human Factors, and that there's one sure way to make sure they last.

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I qualified as a Life Coach in 2004 after two years with Newcastle University, and delivered a record-breaking course on my first outing. Then I delivered more successful programmes to other sectors, including self-management courses for MIND, but I'm always drawn back to the industrial workplace where I feel most at home. Beyond WorldLine I'm probably with Ashley my dogglie, members of my family, tawny owl Wol (who appears in many videos), and/or researching new intel for Quantumology

Positive change with minimal effort is much more than a wild pipe-dream, it's an open-door probability.

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