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Are You Harbouring Expensive Agendas?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

“In an organization with a high level of cultural capital, misconduct risk is low, and its organizational structures, processes, formal incentives, and desired business outcomes are consistent with the firm’s stated values. Unspoken patterns of behavior reinforce this alignment and drive corporate outcomes.”

The research agrees with Stiroh, and it aligns with what I’ve seen in my client work. High-performing organizations have cultures that are distinct, transparent, trustworthy, clear, and motivating as they offer a shared purpose that inspires. They are positive and productive. These cultures go without hidden agendas, without bullying, office politics, gossip, confusion, unresolved conflicts, blaming, shaming, sabotage, and so on. That’s not just pleasant for people. Working without such “negative behaviors” saves a lot of money."

Marcella Bremer

Happy to share Marcella's take on this issue, as it confirms all the evidence I've personally amassed and everything you'll find on your search engine, I have to ask you nicely if there's a mouse there under your chair, or if that strange squeaking sound is a distant rant happening somewhere down the corridor? Are there problems with people's perceptions of what works for them and what doesn't? Is loyalty an ultra-fine cloth showing signs of wear? You wouldn't hang on to a tailored suit half-eaten by rodents, so why hold fast to a cultural fabric fraying from more than its seams?

No need to bolt, this is a polite notice of Trouble Ahead should you be ignoring the music and moonlight everyone wants a piece of in their plan for Idealism, and you can certainly afford to look hard at what's not being measured right now in preparation for crucial things to come. The world is changing - tolerance a watchword, diversity an enforceable essential; if you don't know what CSR means you're cooking with the wrong books. Staff expect more than a wage packet for life's balancing act and they need to feel valued if not cherished by the people who employ them. A company isn't an anonymous machine that churns out cheques alongside consumables, it's an organism run by people for people, but many at the top lose sight of that - be not one of them, it's costly.

Integration takes time, but only a little if you plan it properly, introduce visible changes to instil positive attitudes, garner alignment with your mission and make sure your template is a healthy one. Cohesion equals power - look at the physics; coherent light is a laser beam and coherent water carries miraculous properties. This is the time to make Change count for more than the pennies in your pocket, to make waves in welcoming a new era that puts people-provision at the top of the survival list. For a productive partnership that guarantees to put you on the map of best-practice providers, all we need to board the ship-that-won't-wait is a conversation. Follow the white rabbit to see what those who've sailed have to say...

Or call me direct for that all-important conversation - 07770 583223

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