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Barriers to Excellence and how to overcome them

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the course of programme delivery, I'm currently making videos to populate a Learning Zone where participants can delve into the concepts more deeply and explore in their own time.

This provision has been requested by several people in the groups and seems a logical progression as WorldLine seeks to expand self-actualisation (at the peak of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) as an activated principle enabling employees to co-create a positive, vibrant culture from what has often been a discordant environment for a very long time.

Positive Productivity is a personal development programme dovetailing self-awareness and empathic understanding of our universal gifts with the inherent desire of participants to make more of the company they work for. Western culture has undermined our ability to realise our existence in ways which work for us as individuals by methodical conditioning leaning towards control. Taught to do what pleases others, seek continual reward and isolate ourselves emotionally and psychologically from the outside world, we're subject to this conditioning as soon as we are old enough to speak; we learn the identity of our parents before discovering our own. We take on our lessons without learning to give, pushed into generic fulfilment of a system that ignores self-alignment.

Tip: consider your own conditioning and whether patterns you would rather eliminate could be linked to this early 'training' in your own life.

As employees, the desire for fulfilment on a personal level remains active, for this is a basic human need. Aligning that desire with the objectives of the company is an ideal that everyone strives for, one way or another, and in this respect (alongside many others) the wishes of the directorship meet those of the shop floor. Alignment is there waiting to be harvested, carpe diem style, to feed the inherent desire of the company as an entity in its own right to better itself, optimise its productivity and enjoy its existence as all living systems seek to do.

Tip: give some thought to the company mission, and what needs to be changed so that it comes to life in the workplace.

Engineering sports a minefield of potential problems, most of them due to archaic conditioning. Political viewpoints rooted in elitism emerge from fiscal hierarchy. Intellect struggles to breathe within a confining enterprise that's long given up on communal innovation. While other industries suffer similar challenges, engineering is unique in that the people who hold the most potential for the company are at the base of the pyramid, and those at the top, reliant on their performance, have usually been there during the course of their lives. Inter-dependent on each other, the upstairs and downstairs zones become silently warring factions, each blaming the other for spoilt fortunes and knowing they should know better.

Tip: look for opportunities to encourage cross-cultural reference, in points of contact from client brief to despatch. Promote transparency - dissolve the fear of ownership by rewarding open disclosure of errors and mistakes.

Knowledge is power. Sharing it, therefore, is powerful. One of the pivotal keys to cultural change is unfettered flow of information, from which comes an alliance traditionally stamped on by closet behaviours. This flow develops naturally when trust comes into the equation, and this can only happen when empathy gets a foothold where previously it wasn't even in the vocabulary.

Tip: restructure the information flow so that more people have autonomy in looking after quality and customer satisfaction.

When the aims and objectives of the company become clear and include the furtherance of the employee matrix, magic starts to happen. If I've lost you at this point, it's because you don't believe in what the universe can deliver. We subscribe to the laws of physics; we are units of singularity bound by classical and quantum mechanics. The former allows us to exist as we do, the latter enables us to make more of our existence.

Tip: commission a Foundation course to foster everyone's personal development and actively promote collective excellence.

The energy produced by a cohesive mind set is as powerful as coherent light - which cuts through steel. Incoherent light will warm up a lampshade, but it can't compete with a laser beam in potency and capability. We are as photons are, stronger in coherence, translating naturally and effortlessly into greater productivity and higher reputation. Such is the nature of energy.

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This video lets you in on the topics covered in Week 7 of Positive Productivity.

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