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Blank Space - Autonomy and Alignment

How much do we long for the right things to be written into our world line? In the context of love as coined by Taylor Swift, we're waiting to write someone's name.

In our context here, I'm thinking of the long, seemingly endless spans of time spent in the same situation, wondering how to make it easier and whether some Knight is going to come along and save us from spaghettification. You'll find the product of my own musings on this committed to paper as shown.

As a workspace transforms from a close-knit pioneering clan to a more complex collective, its mission can dissolve in the solution and motivation may seem like a thing of the past. People join because they feel just about proficient enough to reply to the advert, not because they have a vision of what Company Aye might become. They weren't there when the first chapter was penned, so they have no sense of autonomous alignment with what the pioneers were doing (click on the link to see why). No-one is to blame for this situation... like so many other generic templates of collective human behaviour, this one wears a ring of inevitability.

We work just like particles work in an ambient medium. We drift around in isolation, identifying as a singularity. We bump into other particles and some of them we bond with, if only for a time before splitting off again to go and form another molecule. Unaware of the breeze that's pushing us around, content to go with the flow, and sometimes making headway on a trajectory of our own, our placement in the universal scheme of things couldn't be more variable or more akin to the map that all other 3-dimensional objects use to navigate existence.

The key to alignment in tandem with autonomy (as David Marquet was pointing out in his tiny video) is Intent. Wherever we look on our world line, it's the intention that paves the way. Mistakes we all make, good outcomes always a priority, and in this context (goodness, doesn't Life just overspill with Contexts) we have another universal law to live with - Uncertainty. These rules that appear in the cosmic guidebook, they're not going anywhere - we have to learn about them and follow them to get anywhere at all. So as you go about your day, consider the Laws at work beneath the feet of consciousness and the blank space that's yours tomorrow may find itself filled with something special.

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