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Continuous Improvement and Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Where's the connection? Isn't C.I. a process-driven concept? If you want success and sustainability in managing improvement on a continuous basis, you have to consider the Human Factor. People, after all, make the company what it is. You could stack a huge raft of machinery in a warehouse but without people to operate it, you're not producing anything.

One day perhaps, everything will be fully automated and you won't need staff on the shop floor. That day is not here, fortunately, so in order to make things work properly and create an exponential curve of successful proportions, you need those people on your side.

All very well giving your peeps some money every week and talking about them as if everything were their fault (and believe me, I've met a few who do!), but in a changing world of increasing demand for personal recognition and growing self-awareness, the companies who get to boast rude health will be those who invest in their human elements ahead of their hardware.

In this video I take you on a three-minute journey through emotional intelligence and what makes it so crucial to your long-term C.I. success.

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