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How Much Time do you Have?

On the other side of the world, engagement in the engineering sector is getting attention just as it is here. And in the article from Australia linked below, you'll find some gems of perception, such as:

It's important to recognize that each person is unique, with different abilities, perspectives, and motivations. As a leader, understanding the individuals you manage is crucial in creating an environment that supports their growth and success.

Yes, it is. Calling them "low-hanging fruit" will get you outed as someone who bypasses this crucial attitudinal requirement and focusses instead on their position in the process. Changing your attitude to the social environment could be the key that sets your company free to really succeed as you envision it should.

The secret to getting things done is relying on the force of habit in the day-to-day work.

Habits take time to embed. One of the USPs that WorldLine can pride itself on is being able to turn a culture around in just three months - relying on human nature and its habit-forming tendency to look for the best possible outcome as simply and easily as it possibly can.

Enable your team to own end-to-end parts of the work and give them the time and tools they need to improve the product. This empowerment will foster creativity and innovation in the team and increase their sense of accountability and engagement.

Allowing for autonomy and building trust is a key ingredient of this article and the fundamental principle on which a thriving culture rests. You might not have time to do all this on your own, and need someone you can trust to be by your side with your mission in mind and a plan of action that you can see working right from Day One. Visit Services to see the components we deliver.

If you've wasted time and money in the past on employing 'consultants' who just don't deliver, your skepticism and frustration is understandable. So is your anxiety over how to get your people over the line between inertia and high performance. Talk to someone who not only gets the grit on what's happening in your workplace, but also knows exactly how to get it to where you want it to be.

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