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Matrix Revolutions

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Are we in a state of emotional turmoil? Do we suffer the ravages of mental stress and all that goes with it on a regular basis? Do we feel like we've had enough of old ways and want to move forward but can't? Is the block to progress in our own minds? You want to work for the best kind of company, in the best place, with the best people. Can you make it so? On your own?

The Matrix trilogy told us about mental capacity and the mind of the machine. Neo's final countdown in co-operating with the Architect shows that the only way to win is to work together, faced with something unstoppable that nobody really wants. The Smith programme takes over, just as negativity does, finding a way to become everyone until everyone is wondering who they are.

Rain keeps falling on the global scenery and there's a lot of talk but nobody really seems to know how to stop it. We're waiting for superpowers to work out how to make survival profitable en route to discovering the truth about cosmic order. Meanwhile, we'd like a break in the clouds... (:: pssst : I can show you how to reach sustainable sunlight!). You're most likely wondering how best to raise the bar next year - may I suggest a good look at the train of thought everyone carries with them every day, to know what your foundation is made of? After all, as you know, it's not about the money - gold is pretty useless in a world where matter must follow mind in the exponential curve of evolution.

Vibrant companies have a future where others fear to tread. Red pill, blue pill time. Are you prepared to leave behind all that once was, and take on board a reality that exists alongside the one you're used to, one that works with a different language and has more advanced rules?

Quantum mechanics is that reality - it exists on equal terms with us.

When we begin to think about our relationship with the workplace, what affects it and how far the rabbit hole goes, we kick-start an adventure in determination, seeing change happen before our eyes that's there because of what we did, how we thought, and who we found ourselves to be. Collective choices are that much more powerful, for there is no limit on how many minds can work as one. You want a workplace that works the way you want it to? Start here, in the real world.

Here, all around, right now, every atom and particle within it is buzzing with a force no-one fully understands, but it's there, and it has laws. Those laws govern the flux between positivity and negativity, lesson and blessing, cause and effect. The Universe works in binary to keep its system equable without need of the heavy-duty analysis we determinedly place upon it. As cosmic units, we can't even be seen from a fairly short distance (think how long it takes an aeroplane to reach the point where people are less than dots), so you can safely surmise that we follow the same lines of sight as all other universal components in raising our aptitude to desirable levels. One way or another, we have to step up to the quantum plate and walk the invisible path to a very different field of gold.

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