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Polarity and Positivity

In a harsh, unforgiving industrial environment, how do you go about turning negative into positive? We are very small units on a planet much bigger than we are in a fairly standard galaxy among billions of galaxies. This miniscule size is a real advantage - it gives us the capacity to harness quantum mechanical laws.

Polarity is a feature of the Universe, quite distinct in its natural profile. Hot, cold. Light, dark. Positive, negative. Take one of these polarities and you find there's a spectrum between the two absolutes. You'll also find that the absolute absolute is pretty hard to reach. That's because the quantum world is fuzzy, it's full of uncertainties and entanglements and shape-shifting oscillations.

Society is the same. Your workplace is the same. The sea of change rolling beneath the surface is providing constant opportunities to 'skip the light fantastic' and turn its reality into something that everyone wants - a place to love and be proud of, to enjoy working in and partake of developing. My job is to help you find the easiest trajectory to the best results as quickly as possible. History has proven my case.

In this article you'll find some forthright facts about where we stand in the cosmic state of play, and have access to one of my other websites that generally stays out of my work zone. Even so, you might even agree - if so, perhaps we can chat.

Image credit : Adelaide University

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