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Real-Time Issues - Tackle Them Effectively

Do you suspect low morale is affecting your production output? You're probably right. Here's how it happens :-

People internalise problems they can't discuss. When they have personal difficulties within a workplace culture, there is usually 'nowhere to go'. Heading for HR just means revealing inner truths without consequence and having your card marked, so you try to forget about it and get on with the job, which is what you're expected to do.

Having to force issues to the back of the mind means that plenty of other workplace priorities end up there, too.

We can only do our best in life. Faced with daily stresses from over-stretched tolerance and the constant dissonance that comes from it, 'my best' turns into a perpetual challenge instead of a pleasure to meet.

Poor performance becomes a benchmark. People lose sight of best-practice and take up the lowest common denominator - which keeps on sinking while everyone is referencing the most negative aspects of the job.

Here's how WorldLine addresses this problem:

Analysing the workplace culture from research designed to uncover hidden issues, we find where the cracks are and what's behind them. When we know more about the communal perception, we can work with foresight.

The foundation programme (Positive Productivity) enables cross-cultural groups to redefine their priorities, appreciate what best-practice feels like and adopt a fresh approach to the issues they had given up on.

Language changes, philosophy changes - and the mind-set effortlessly turns from negative to positive for the majority of those present.

One or two may be determined to resist change, right from the outset. Where those people sit in the hierarchy will determine the effects of this and how to approach. We have to look carefully at their motives for maintaining negativity and assess the most appropriate course of action from that understanding.

You won't be able to achieve any kind of sustainable transformation from in-house initiatives alone, because you and your colleagues are already embedded in the framework of the problem. You may represent an icon of approachability, or be the saviour of quality assurance, it matters not. Who you are is a fixture in the company matrix and you cannot escape the confirmation bias set in the minds of those who work for you.

But if you do nothing, the costs will mount up. Check out the price tag attached to the problems your people are facing every day!

If you seriously want to change the current situation and stop haemorrhaging vast amounts of hard-earned profit, call 07770 583223 while this post is in front of you for reference.

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