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Rising Costs of a Disengaged Workforce

Updated: Jan 30

2024 is now upon us and everything we rely on seems to be going up, with fiscal fiascos pressing the population against a wall of rising costs, making it harder than ever to instil positivity into the mix. Be in no doubt that the surest path to success takes a brave approach to problems that threaten to get worse. Companies can't afford to do nothing in the face of blatant negativity.

Here you'll find direct links to articles published within the last 12 months on the evident cost of disengagement in your workplace;

This gives you the key areas of outgoing expenditure caused by disengaged colleagues. Based in the USA, the author still echoes what's happening over here.

Workvivo calls it a "rampant problem" and outlines the state of play as of today:

“What is apparent here is the traditional tactics used to build a lively, inclusive, and social workplace culture are simply not cutting it," says the CEO of a multi-national: 

"The UK is currently facing a disengagement crisis, with the potential of costing the UK economy more than £340bn each year in productivity, creativity, lost training costs and more." says Strategi. 

"When employees feel valued, respected, and supported, they become more productive and motivated, which leads to higher job satisfaction and better performance. This drives better customer service, higher efficiency, and employer marketing. Talent is attracted to a company that displays high levels of trust, safety, and engagement. This cuts down on recruitment costs.

And it’s also a good place to work. This becomes a quality-of-life issue; in the end, no one likes being disengaged in their jobs." (it's a very short read, take no notice of the 12-minute flag!)

We have to accept with good grace that professionals agree on there being eye-watering costs attached to disengagement. You could say they are selling the concept to support their own marketing, but the sums add up to pretty much the same from all quarters, originating from reputable research companies. Whichever way you look at it, ignoring the need to create an engaged workplace is like setting fire to hundreds of thousands of bank notes each year!

Do something about cultural dysfunction now to ignite a working strategy for 2024. More great resources can be found on LinkedIn. Get in touch if you'd like to explore these issues in confidence.

Ahead of the exponential curve, I'm with you all the way.

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