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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

There comes a point in time ahead of the curve when a word like Woke hosts a negative connection and one wonders who next to offend. Who's going to apologise? Silencing seems a little sadistic. People should be allowed to have an opinion, but no apologies will be accepted when behind closed doors people are getting paid to shut us down.

To stay ahead of the curve, hit that break point, go on to win this weird game, companies are going to need reconciliation. The stakes on an apology are high, when people won't stop and pose threats by being recognised. The false suggestion that anyone should apologise (and let's face it, everyone knows what narcissism means these days) shrouds the fact that all we need to do is show some compassion. People recognise compassion, they instinctively understand it.

Water sinks to its own level and it's water under the bridge, there is no time like the present because the present is all that materially exists. The rest of the time you're a wave form like everything else. Get used to it. Lacking empathy and being introspective leaves us stuck with resentment over a whole host of issues. The endurance of the ego leads to international crises and there are "bigger fish to fry" as someone said to me today. There are no bigger fish than the ones in our own pond, if we get to the point.

Seeing it, of course, is another matter.

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