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Why I Kissed Bradley

There was one motive in my head when I applied to go on The Chase. To kiss Bradley Walsh. Not because I hero-worshipped him (I didn't), but because someone else did, someone I'd loved beyond reason - someone I wanted to show just how much Anything Is Possible. I want you to know that, too.

When I trotted across 60 miles for the audition it was firmly in my mind that I was going to get through, even in the prep-talk they give (after you've pranced about mock-quizzing in front of the production team) to assure you that only a handful of the 12,000 candidate applications received every year would make it to the show. "Don't call us, we'll call you..."

Well, they called, and I was thrilled, as you would be on getting past the scrutiny of selection, setting off to Elstree on the 18th September, 2019 to stay in the hotel (with no running hot water!!) they'd booked me into and look forward to filming the next morning. A cold shower might have been just what I needed, had I had the hots for Bradley, but it's what I got in any case - possibly the Universe delivering by proxy.

There's a sub-story that I can only relay in person, so if you want to know about that you'll need to get in touch. In its wake, I won £6,500 thanks to my lone team-mate who answered all the Final Chase questions while I stood there, rabbit-in-headlights, getting over what had happened for real just a few moments before.

Thus I got my wish, along with a pot of cash that shouldn't really have gone our way with just 12 questions in the bank, but it did, so I'm sharing this with you to prove that anything is possible with positive intent, and if the world is on your side, you'll end up with more plusses than you bargained for,

You can find me on LinkedIn and more about those amazing possibilities in store for your company culture on this website.

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