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WorldLine Training

From Potential to Alignment

Companies follow systems of development closely aligned to the laws of physics... fortunately for me, otherwise I could have wasted more than a quarter of a century seeking out these assignations and putting them to the test.

As retrocausality would have it, I was on the right track - the links keep proving themselves to be validated as people realise how much influence they are under, how much influence they exert themselves, and how much of a difference they can make to their cultural community by approaching communication and morale issues differently.

An atom is a pretty complex bit of kit. As basic building blocks of everything around us, atoms are constantly shifting and changing from one state to another in a quantum flux. We, too, shift from one version of ourselves to the next in an ever-changing flow of entropy which we feel more acutely the older we get! These changes happen continually at the sub-atomic level, giving us constant opportunities to re-wire our internal networks.

In looking at a company, we can go beyond correlations with atomic construction and find ourselves with a closed system subject to the Law of Conservation of Energy where energy can't be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one kind to another - potential to kinetic, for example. Each individual contributes their own energy to the closed system of the organisation, so the larger the company, the more energy there is to deal with.

WorldLine dedicates itself to transforming industrial sites because these organisations have three structural tiers - a shop floor, an office and a management team. The potential for cohesive productivity in this triangulated system is immense, yet often is allowed to slide into inertia and demoralisation, leading to hidden costs in down-time, poor performance and high turnover. Calling a halt to the depreciation requires an energy shift undertaken by choice, with each person adopting responsibility for their own contribution to the change in flow. Where previously a great deal of energy was wasted in resistance and negative stress, all that potential is then channelled into Positive Productivity, which is why the Foundation course was so named.

When positivity gains a foothold, momentum is relatively easy, requiring a steady input of innovation, autonomy, inclusion and reward. Management teams and die-hard traditionalists may find it tough to adjust, with 'old ways of doing things' proving hard to break. That's why empathic leadership, honesty and trust are so important at the outset, aspects that need building from a solid base of collaboration and understanding. Our Leadership course embarks on that journey with total commitment to the collective.

Appreciating the intrinsic characteristics of workplace systems and their corresponding links to validated science gives WorldLine unique perspectives on excellence and how to attain it. Alignment comes about (and proves sustainable) as a direct result of chosen practices and protocols befitting the nature of the company itself, for which there is no off-the-shelf provision that could possibly work. Curious about testimonials? Ask for details of those who've seen the results for themselves.

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